Best Affiliate Marketing Tools and Plugins for WordPress

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There are even better streams that fetch you money like affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a way of making money by promoting services and products you use. When you post a link on your site and users make a purchase with the link, you get a commission for such service.

Affiliate marketing tools and plugins

Affiliate marketers use WordPress because it is the most popular website builder. This is due to it giving access to the best plugins to promote others link which simultaneously brings more traffic to your site. This article is to help you choose the best plugin to promote your links on your site. What these plugins do are to;

I. Help audience growth and build a good follower base.

II. Allow you add links to your articles.

III. Help you save and manage links in your WordPress

IV. Also help you track performance of your affiliate campaigns.

1. MonsterInsights

As a savvy and sound marketer, you must be able to know the length and breadth of your website. MonsterInsights, an affiliate plugin, is a Google Analytics program for WordPress that tells the story of web reports within your WordPress admin dashboard. It shows you where your users are most likely coming from, which pages or articles is getting more views and what viewers are doing on your website.

The plugin comes with a tracking feature that monitors banner ads, outbound links and URL clicks. It is easy to set up, easy to use and user friendly. Using MonsterInsights gives you a well-detailed analysis of your website.

2. Constant Contact

If you are out for the best of the best email marketing service for your WordPress, then Constant Contact is your plug. You make email newsletter, run email campaigns and even grow your customer base or subscribers with the plugin. To stay in touch with your users even when they leave your site, you can use Constant Contact.

Email campaigns can be created using email builder with tons of templates and also promote your partner’s affiliate link through your newsletter. You also get statistics on how your email campaigns are doing.

3. Thirsty Affiliates

Another wonderful affiliate link management plugin to identify for WordPress is Thirsty Affiliate. This has a feature of managing your links with WordPress dashboard. Links insertion, auto-insertion of affiliate links, and check on how a link is doing can be done. If handling a large amount of affiliate links seems to be the issue, thirsty affiliate helps sort links into categories.

4. Pretty Link

To effectively track your affiliate links and know which is doing better than the other on your dashboard, Pretty Link is your plug. Pretty Link is a trusted affiliate link management plugin for WordPress which create memorable affiliate URLs for social media or podcasts and links to WordPress posts. Affiliate links for some keywords can also be enabled automatically. The plugin allows you to set redirects to tackle affiliate link returning a 404 error.
Thirsty Affiliate and Pretty Link are important link management plugins that should be considered on your site