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WordPress Agency for Development | Vipe Studio » WordPress Plugins » Lesser-Known WordPress Plugins That Are Totally Worth Your Attention

Lesser-Known WordPress Plugins That Are Totally Worth Your Attention

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WordPress is a famous platform that has a lot of users today. Many people love using WordPress because it is very easy to use. We can also use a lot of plugins for supporting our activities with this platform. In this article, we are going to share with you some infamous plugins that may bring improvements to your website.

Not many people know about these plugins, but these plugins have a lot of interesting features and benefits for the users. Our experts from our Enterprise WordPress Agency for Development can recommend you to use these plugins because they can support any of your needs.

1. Rearrange WooCommerce Products

This plugin is suitable for you who are using WooCommerce as the backbone of your website. This plugin can help you rearrange the sort order of all the products on the WooCommerce shop page.

You can also use this plugin to rearrange products based on a specific category. It has easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality.

2. Block Visibility

If you are going to manage the visibility of the blocks on WordPress, you may want to consider installing this plugin on your WordPress. Our Enterprise WordPress Agency for Development thinks this is a good solution for you who want to create dynamic content on your website.

You are able to control which blocks are visible to the users and to whom they are available. You can schedule when the content can appear or disappear by using specific times, screen size, user role, and also query strings.

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3. Forget Spam Content

This is another recommended plugin that we can recommend to our clients from our Enterprise WordPress Agency for Development. It is a simple plugin that can prevent bot spam in the WordPress commenting system.

It is going to work as a GDPR-compliant anti-spam plugin. When you are using this plugin, you will be able to protect your website against hackers.

4. Nelio Popups

It is more than just a regular popup plugin. Our experts from our Enterprise WordPress Agency for Development can recommend you use this plugin. With this tool, you can create any type of content overlay or modal by using the WordPress block editor.

It allows you to have easy and quick fabrication and also gives you full control of your popup’s content. You can easily turn visitors into email customers or subscribers when you are using newsletters to attract customers to your database.

5. PublishPress Checklists

Our Enterprise WordPress Agency for Development thinks this plugin is suitable for you who want to have a good public release. This plugin will let you set up the content pre-publishing standards and also create activities on your website before you publish the content.

It will ensure that your content is of good quality. It will help you prepare your content before you publish it on your website immediately. Using this plugin will help you eliminate any unwanted things that may occur when you forget to do things when publishing content.

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6. Search Exclude

Some of our clients from our Enterprise WordPress Agency for Development are happy when using this plugin. This plugin will let you choose which posts, pages, or other content to be included in the search results.

You can simply check the relevant box that is available on the post/page edit screen. It will be beneficial for you, especially if you have a lot of content, but don’t want to show certain things on the search form. This plugin will offer fast and also large editing options for the users.

7. WordPress Ad Widget

Are you tired of managing all of the ads on your WordPress website? If it is the case, the WordPress Ad Widget plugin can help you offer a simple solution for you. Once you install this plugin on your WordPress, you can simply drag a widget to the sidebar.

Then, you can also add an ad image and save the changes. There is no coding required, so you can simply manage all of your ads without using any complicated settings.

Some Lesser-Known WordPress Plugins Are Pure Gold!

There are many other plugins that you can install on your WordPress. Some of these plugins are very useful to help you create the best content for your website. You can also learn how you operate these plugins by asking our help from our Enterprise WordPress Agency for Development.

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